AhaSlides Template Library

You can save time by downloading a ready-made template directly from your dashboard.

After logging into your AhaSlides account, you will see a list of pre-made templates across the top of your dashboard.

You can click any of these templates to download them. Once downloaded, it will automatically be added to your list of presentations and the template will open in the editor.




You can click the 'Browse all' button on the right-hand side to see the full list of templates that AhaSlides has to offer. Alternatively, you can click on the 'Templates' tab in the left sidebar.




In the template library, you'll find 3 template categories to choose from:

  1. Education Templates

  2. Quiz Templates

  3. Work Templates

Just click the template you want to start editing or using it right away!

📣 Important Note: Any downloaded template will also include response data. Remember to reset the results before you use it. Find out how to reset results here.


The template library will be growing all the time, so remember to check back regularly for new presentations that can save you a lot of time.