Cancelling your AhaSlides Subscription

Find out how to turn off the auto-renewal of your subscription.

The Monthly and Educational plans will renew automatically after 1 month. We will send you a reminder email 2 weeks before your subscription is renewed.

You can turn off auto-renewal anytime on AhaSlides, either by using this link or by using the 'click here' button on the 'My Plan' page.

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The cancellation only cancels the auto-renewal - you can of course still use AhaSlides until the end of the period you have paid for! With that in mind, you are free to make the renewal cancellation whenever you like.

What happens to my presentations when my account is downgraded?

All of the existing presentations and results will remain in your account if you cancel your subscription. You will still have access to the free account features but will no longer have access to the paid features.