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Collecting Participants' Information

Audience admission lets you collect names, email addresses and other pieces of information from your participants.

💡 Please note that while this feature is available on all plans, only paid plans can see collected participant information in the Excel export after the presentation is over.

How to Enable Audience Admission

  1. Head to the Settings menu and click on 'Audience admission'.
  2. Check the box labelled 'require participants to enter information' - This will show an entry form that participants fill in upon joining your presentation.

Start by writing the heading to your form, then you can change any of the fields below.

The 3 fields are labelled...

  1. Name

  2. Organisation

  3. Email

You can delete and reorder the fields or make them mandatory to fill in by checking the box on the right.

Lets Debate 2

You can also rename the field instructions to customise a field however you want. While you cannot change the field name in the dropdown box, you can edit the text that the participants see, essentially meaning that you can request any information from your participants.

For example, if you are running a debate for students, you may want to collect students' names, ages and universities before the debate begins:


Lets Debate


Seeing Collected Info in the Excel Export

Once participants have entered their info, it will be stored in the Excel file that contains your full presentation report.

Any user not on the free plan can download this Excel file by heading to the Results tab in the editor toolbar and clicking the button labelled 'Request Excel file'.

Download the Excel file and click on the second sheet here, labelled 'Participants'. Here you will see all of your collected participant info.

image (1)

💡 Please note that if you changed the field instructions to collect different information, such as age or university name, the Export file will still show the three field names as 'Name', 'Organisation' and 'Email'. You can change these names directly on the Excel file to reflect the information you asked your participants for.