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Creating a Multiple Choice Poll on AhaSlides

A multiple choice slide is a quick and easy way to get live opinions in poll format from your audience.

How does a Multiple Choice Poll Work?

In a multiple choice poll, you ask a question and provide between 2 and 8 answer options. Your audience vote for one or more of the answer options on their phones. The poll is updated live, so on the presenter screen you see a chart displaying the results.


Here is the presenter's screen, showing the voting results:

Multiple Choice 1

Here is the participants' screen. Once a participant has voted via their phone, they will also see the results on their screen.

Audience Results on Phone

How to Make a Multiple Choice Poll

  1. On the AhaSlides editor, click the 'New Slide' button in the top left corner.
  2. Select the first slide type in list - 'Multiple Choice'.
  3. Fill in your question.
  4. Fill in your answer options. You can have between 2 and 8 answer options.

This is the minimum you need to do for any multiple choice slide to work. When your slide is ready for your audience to vote on, invite your audience to your presentation and press the 'Present' button in the top-right corner.


Other Settings on your Multiple Choice Poll


  • Hide results - Keeps the results hidden until you press the button to reveal them to your audience. This also hides the results on each participant's phone screen.
  • Show results on audience's phones - Allows the audience to see everyone's votes for that slide on their phone screen, after they have submitted their own vote.
  • Show results in % for this question - Displays the results as percentages, instead of displaying the number of participants who voted for each answer option. This can also be toggled by simply clicking on any of the coloured segments on the presenter's screen.

  • Layout - Displays the results in one of 3 different options: a bar chart, donut chart or pie chart.

  • Allow picking more than one option -  Allows the audience to select multiple answer options. When this option is selected, use the slider to choose the maximum number of options a participant can pick, between 2 options and all of the options on the poll.

  • This question has correct answer(s) - Allows you to ask a multiple choice question which contains one or more correct answers. When this option is selected, you will be asked to mark which answer option(s) are correct. The answer will remain concealed until you press the 'show correct answer' button on your slide.

Multiple Choice 2

💡 Note: A multiple choice slide with a correct answer is not scored. If you would like to create a quiz question where your audience can earn points for correct answers, please use one of the slides in the 'quiz and games' section.

  • Stop submission - Prevents any new audience responses on that slide.
  • Limit time to answer - Allows you to set a time limit for answering for your audience. This can be between 5 seconds and 20 minutes.


💡 Note: If you're using a multiple choice slide for a do-at-home survey, you can allow your participants to cast their votes in the poll without needing you to present it live. For more info, check out our article on self-paced presentations.


For more on multiple choice polls, check out this tutorial. Please bear in mind that the tutorial is a little outdated, but the process it shows in creating a multiple choice slide is still very similar.