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Making a Live Word Cloud

A word cloud can help you visualise the popularity of certain responses over others.

What is a Live Word Cloud?

A live word cloud is a collection of worded responses to your question. The responses are displayed on one screen, with the most popular responses appearing larger in the cloud.

The most popular response will be the largest one in the cloud and will sit directly in the middle of all other responses.

Ice Breaker


In the example above, the word 'hola' was entered more times than the other words by participants, making it the biggest and most central response.

Video: How to Make a Live Word Cloud

Step 1: Create your Slide and Write your Question

Start by creating a new slide and selecting the word cloud slide type from the options. Write your question or statement in the 'your question' box.

Step 2: Change your Word Cloud's Settings

Change the settings of your word cloud to your liking. There are 6 settings that you can change:


  1. Entries per participant: The amount of responses that each of your participants is allowed to submit. This can be between 1 and 10.
  2. Allow audience to submit more than once: This allows each participant to submit their responses an unlimited amount of times.
  3. Filter profanity: This turns on the profanity filter, which automatically censors English language swear words when they're submitted by your audience. (Note: checking this box will apply the profanity filter throughout your entire presentation.)
  4. Hide results: This hides the submitted responses from the presenter's screen as they're being submitted. On the slide, there will be a button to reveal the responses whenever you want.
  5. Stop submission: This blocks participant from submitting any more responses to your word cloud.
  6. Limit time to answer: This applies a time limit to the slide. When checked, you can choose your time limit between 5 seconds and 20 minutes.


Step 3: Present and get Responses

Once you press the 'Present' button, your participants will be able to submit their responses to your word cloud.

The word cloud will update with each response that comes in. It will assign a random colour to a new response and each word in the cloud (except for the most popular word at the centre) will shift to a different, random position.


Word Cloud GIF


You can manually delete any response in the word cloud simply by clicking on it. Doing so will shift the responses in the cloud to another random position.

If you delete the most popular response at the centre of the cloud, the next most popular one will fill its place.


ezgif.com-gif-maker (23)

Like with any slide, you can re-use your word cloud by clearing its data.