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Exporting to PDF / JPG

With AhaSlides, you can export screenshots of your slides into a single PDF document or a set of JPG images.

How to export your presentation to PDF / JPG?

Locate the 'Results' menu on the slide you would like to export. There, under the 'Export to PDF / JPG' section, select 'Request screenshots' ('Request new screenshots' if you have requested a screenshot previously), and download the appropriate file (PDF or JPG available).

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Please note that this feature is available only with our paid plans.

If you do not wish to download the screenshots, you can take them manually yourself!

  1. Choose the slide you wish to take a screenshot of, then press 'Present'.
  2. Use keyboard shortcuts to take a screenshot of each slide.
  • For Mac: Command + Shift + 4
  • For Windows: PrtScn