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How to Collaborate on Presentations

Collaborative editing lets you work together on presentations and present them with other AhaSlides users.

Adding your Collaborators

There are two ways to add collaborators to your presentation:

  1. On the dashboard - You can click the menu on the right-hand side to open up the option to 'Invite to edit'.

    Invite to edit from dashboard

  2. In the presentation editor toolbar - You'll see an icon containing your profile image and a button labelled 'Invite'.

New Invite Bar


Clicking either of these will bring up the 'Invite to edit' menu. From here, you can add your collaborators via their email addresses. Once added, your collaborators will be listed in this menu alongside a dropdown box where you can remove them as a collaborator.


Invite to edit


Your added collaborators will receive an email informing them that they've been given editing rights in your presentation. You will always remain the owner of the presentation.


Protip 👊: If you're using AhaSlides for Business, on the 'Invite to edit' menu you will see an option to 'Select team members'. Clicking this will open another menu where you can handpick the team members you want to share editing access with.


Editing and Viewing

At present, it is not yet possible for two people to edit a presentation at the same time. While your collaborators have permission to edit and present the same presentation, there can only be one person actively editing or presenting the presentation at any given time.

Your collaborators can view the presentation while it is being edited. When your collaborators are viewing the same presentation, their profile picture will show up in the top toolbar beside the 'Invite' button.

Share Bar

When there is at least one person editing and one person viewing the presentation, one of two bars will appear at the top of the editor:


For the person who is editing:

View bar-1

For anyone that is viewing:

Take over bar

Viewers seeing this second bar will have two options:

  1. Take over - Pressing 'Take over' will immediately make you the editor of the presentation and will turn whoever is currently the editor into a viewer.

  2. Refresh - Pressing 'Refresh' will refresh the page so that you can view any new changes made by the editor.


Finding Shared Presentations on the Dashboard

As the owner of a presentation, any presentation that you share with a collaborator will still appear in the 'My Presentations' tab with the rest of the presentations you've created.

As an added collaborator, any presentation that you've been invited to edit will appear in the 'Shared with Me' tab.


Shared with me


From here, any added collaborator can leave a presentation that they've been invited to edit, or they can invite new collaborators to edit that presentation by clicking on the menu on the right-hand side.



As long as there is no one currently editing or presenting the presentation, any collaborator can press the 'Present' button to start presenting that presentation immediately.