The 'My Presentations' Dashboard

'My Presentations' is your dashboard in AhaSlides. This is where you can see and manage all of your presentations.

Welcome to My Presentations. This is what you see the first time you log in to AhaSlides.

Creating a New Presentation

  1. To create your first presentation, click the button labelled 'New presentation +'
  2. Next, give your presentation a name, and if you want, a customized access code.
  3. You will be taken directly to the editor, where you can start to edit your presentation.
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Sorting Presentations into Folders

You can sort your presentations into folders for better organisation.

  1. Click the button labelled 'New folder'.
  2. Give your folder a name.
  3. Select the existing presentations that you would like to move to that folder, then click the 'Move to folder' button.
  4. You can also create a new presentation from within the folder itself. (24)

Understanding the 4 Icons

Each presentation on the 'My Presentations' dashboard has 4 icons on the right-hand side. From left to right, they are...Icons

  1. Public / Private mode - Here you can turn on or off the ability for your audience to interact with your presentation. It's best to keep things in private mode when you're editing and public mode when you're presenting.
  2. Duplicate - Make another copy of the presentation (this does not duplicate the response data).
  3. Erase data - Delete all response data from the presentation.
  4. Delete - Delete the presentation.

The Chat Bubble

The blue chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of 'My Presentations' connects you directly with our support team, who are always ready to answer any of your questions.

Don't forget to look here in our Help Center first - we might already have information that can help you!