AhaSlides App for Hopin

AhaSlides App for Hopin

What is Hopin?

Hopin is virtual event software that lets you host online workshops, conferences, webinars and other business events in real-time.

In the Hopin app store you can install AhaSlides as an app to use directly from the platform.

What do I need to use the AhaSlides app on Hopin?

There are two things you will need to use AhaSlides on Hopin.
  1. Any Hopin paid plan.
  2. Any AhaSlides plan (including free).
AhaSlides app is currently available within the Reception, Stage, Session and Booth areas of Hopin.


How to use AhaSlides and Hopin together:

Step 1: Create your presentation on AhaSlides.

Step 2: Install the AhaSlides app on HopinYou can access the app store by going to your Organization Dashboard and heading to the Apps tab. Then, click the button labelled Discover More on App Store.


AhaSlides will be under the Polls & Surveys category. Click Install app to add the AhaSlides app to your Organization.


Step 3: Head to your AhaSlides account, find the presentation you want to use on the Hopin platform and get its access code. You can see this directly on the dashboard.

Step 4: Head back to your Hopin event and go to your Event Dashboard > Venue > Stage (or Session/Reception/Booth) and choose the Event Area you would like to add AhaSlides app to.

Scroll down to the "Apps" section and fill in the 'AhaSlides' field with the access code you just got on the AhaSlides dashboard. Make sure you check the box under "Enabled".


Click Save and your attendees will see the AhaSlides tab within the specified Event Area.

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