How to Award and Deduct Extra Points on an AhaSlides Quiz

How to Award and Deduct Extra Points on an AhaSlides Quiz

With AhaSlides’ points score adjustment feature, you can now spread the love amongst players! It’s a neat little ingredient to spice up any quiz and to give you control over bonus rounds and player behavior.

Awarding or Deducting Quiz Points on AhaSlides

1. Navigate to the leaderboard slide and hover your mouse over the player to whom you want to award or deduct points.

2. Click on the button marked ‘⇧ Points

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3. To add points, type in the number of points you want to add.

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4. To deduct points, type the minus symbol (-) followed by the number of points you want to deduct.

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After awarding or deducting points, you will receive confirmation of the player’s new points total and, if they’ve changed positions as a result of the score adjustment, their new position on the leaderboard.

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The leaderboard will then automatically update and players will see their updated scores on their phones.

On the updated leaderboard, you will see 3 numbered columns:

  1. The total number of points for each player in the quiz.
  2. The number of points gained since the last leaderboard was shown.
  3. The difference in points from awarding and deduction.

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