How to Censor Inappropriate Names on a Quiz

How to Censor Inappropriate Names on a Quiz

You can manually censor an individual quiz player's name without using the profanity filter.

The 'profanity filter' setting catches and censors most English profanities entered by participants on AhaSlides. Still, there might be other inappropriate quiz names that you want to censor manually.

There are 2 ways to do this:

1. In the lobby

While waiting to start a quiz, player names will gradually appear in the lobby. The presenter can censor any inappropriate name simply by clicking on the name:

2. On the leaderboard:

On any leaderboard slide, the presenter can press the 'eye' icon next to any participant's name. This also censors the name.

Once a name is manually censored like this, it will stay censored until the presenter uncensors it the same way.

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