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How to Change and Manage Fonts

You can change the font used throughout your AhaSlides presentation and arrange your favourite fonts for easy, immediate access.

How to Change Font

In the AhaSlides editor, select any of the slides in your presentation.

Head to the right-column, select the 'Design' tab and scroll down to 'Text'.

Use the dropdown menu to select your desired font.
Note: This will change the font across your entire presentation. It will also be visible on your audience's screens.

How to Manage your Fonts

Click on the dropdown menu under 'Text' in the 'Design' tab of a slide. Then, click the 'More fonts' option at the top.

This will open the font library. Here, you can select from a larger bank of 250 fonts to build your own selection of preferred fonts.

For any fonts that you would like to be able to use, check the checkbox next to the font name. This will add the font to the My fonts column on the right.

Once you've finished selecting your fonts, click Done.

Those fonts you selected will now be available in the 'Text' dropdown menu.

Once you have selected your fonts from the font library, those fonts will be your immediate options across all presentations in your account.

How Fonts Work with the Content Slide

The content slide has its own small font library, which is displayed in the top left corner of the editor when editing text.

However, it is still possible to change to a font in your font library by selecting the 'Design' tab and finding your preferred font in the 'Text' dropdown menu.

Please note that it is currently not possible to import fonts to AhaSlides.

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