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How to Preview and Test your Presentation

Preview mode lets you see how your presentation will look on both your and your audience's devices. In Preview Mode you can interact with your own slides to see how your audience can interact during your real event.

15-Second Explainer ⏰: Preview Mode

How Does it Work?

Preview mode is a separate mode in your presentation that allows you to see and interact with your own slides, the way that your audience would do in your real event.

To access preview mode, head to the presentation editor and click the grey 'Preview' button in the top bar.

Once in preview mode, you will see two screens:
  1. The 'presenter screen'. This is what your screen will look like during the presentation. You will be sharing this screen for all of your audience to see during your event.
  2. The 'participant screen'. This is what each of your participants' screens will look like during the presentation. 
In preview mode, you can use the participant screen on the right to interact with the presenter screen on the left. This way, you can see how your participants will interact with your presentation in your real event.

You can use the arrows to the side of the presenter screen to go through your presentation and test how the interaction works on different slides.

Once you've tested out your presentation, head back to the editor by clicking the 'Back to Editor' button in the top-left corner.
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