How to Use the Type Answer Quiz Slide

How to Use the Type Answer Quiz Slide

Learn how to add to the challenge of your quiz by using a 'Type Answer' quiz question.
  1. What is the Type Answer slide?
  2. How to set up a Type Answer question

  3. The results display of a Type Answer slide

  4. Manually accepting answers

What is the Type Answer slide?

The 'Type Answer' slide is an open-ended quiz question where participants' answers must match one of the accepted answers that you list out.

It's different from the 'Pick Answer' slide in that it offers no multiple choice. This makes guessing much harder and provides a more accurate reflection of your participants' subject knowledge.

How to set up a Type Answer question

1. Create a new slide and select the 'Type Answer' slide under the 'Quiz game' section.

 Add your question.

3. Add the 'correct answer to display'. This is the main answer that you will accept and the only correct one that will display when the timer is up. That means that even if someone types an answer that matches one of the other accepted answers, that answer will count as correct, but will not be displayed on the screen.

Add 'other accepted answers'. These are answers besides the 'correct answer to display' that you will also accept and that will also earn points.

 💡 If you accept misspellings, then it's best to add as many misspellings of the answer as you can think of into the 'other accepted answers' field.

5. Alter the timereward and 'other settings' systems as you would do on any other quiz slide.

Note 👉 
Being an open-ended slide, the 'Type Answer' slide is eligible for the profanity filter setting, which blocks banned words entered by audience members.


The display results of a Type Answer slide

After your participants have entered their answers and the correct answer has been revealed, the results screen will display...

  1. The 'correct answer to display'
  2. Incorrect answers:
    1. If there are 4 or fewer different incorrect answers, each incorrect answer will be displayed.
    2. If there are 5 or more different incorrect answers, 3 incorrect answers will be displayed, along with an entry labelled 'other answers', which consists of every other incorrect answer not currently displayed.

Manually accepting answers

Sometimes, quiz players enter answers into a 'Type Answer' slide that don't exactly match any of the correct answers, but you still deem them to be correct.

Once everyone's question results are updated on the slide, a button labelled 'accept more answers' will appear at the bottom.

Clicking this button brings up all the answers that your players submitted for that question.

On this screen, you can choose to accept any answer that you deem to be correct. Simply click the circle in the top-right corner of each box that contains an answer you consider correct.

Note 👉 This screen also tells you who entered which answer and groups them together if that answer is exactly the same. The boxes are arranged in order of how many people wrote that answer, meaning that the more popular 'technically incorrect' anwers (the ones that are more likely to be deemed correct by you) will be shown first.

After you have chosen all the answers you want to accept, click the 'see full results' button at the bottom of the screen.

This will take you back to the question results slide. The answers that you just manually accepted will be added to the correct displayed answer on the left of the screen:

After you have chosen what answers to accept, all players' phones will refresh the page and those answers will appear under the heading labelled 'also accepted'.

Anyone with one of the newly accepted answers will see their answer turn from incorrect to correct.

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