One-Time Plans

One-Time Plans

15-Second Explainer ⏰: One-Time Plan

How Does it Work?

The One-Time plan will trigger when one of your presentations reaches 8 participants and will stay active for 24 hours. You can have an unlimited number of presentations during that 24 hours. Pressing the 'present' button won't affect your plan at all. 

You can also purchase the One-Time plan beforehand and have time to prepare it as well as test it out. The 24-hour duration will not trigger as long as you have fewer than 7 participants in your presentation or quiz.

If you are currently on a paid plan but need to increase your participant limit for one event, then you can still purchase a One-Time plan. That plan will work the same - it will activate when an 8th participant joins your presentation and will stay active for 24 hours. After that, you will be reverted back to your paid plan.

You can purchase a one-time plan on the 'One-time' tab on the Pricing page.

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