Playing a Quiz in Teams on AhaSlides

Playing a Quiz in Teams on AhaSlides

AhaSlides' teamplay feature is perfect for competitive quizzes!

To enable team play, simply go to 'Settings' > 'Quiz settings' > then check the box that says 'Play as team'In 'Team Set Up', you can manage the number of teams and the team size.

You can also manage the number of teams, team size, team names and scoring rules.
  1. Maximum number of teams: 500
  2. Maximum team size: 500
There are 3 options for the scoring rule:
  1. Average score of all members - Including zero points for those who answer incorrectly or do not answer.
  2. Total score of all members - Note that this rule will handicap teams with fewer members.
  3. Fastest answer only - Only register the score of the fastest answer from each team (even if it's incorrect).

With teamplay enabled, when you start your quiz, your audience will be asked to join the team on their phone screen.

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