Presenting Presentation with Viewer Role

Presenting Presentation with Viewer Role

What is Viewer Role?

The Viewer Role is a feature designed to enhance the security and controlled sharing of presentations on AhaSlides. It provides a view-only access level, making it ideal for scenarios where you want to distribute training materials securely, either within your team or to external contractors. The Viewer Role ensures that the content remains unchanged, promoting smooth collaboration.

Viewer Role is applicable for both personal and team workspaces.

How to add Viewer Role?

To assign the Viewer Role to a presentation or folder, follow these steps:
  1. Select the presentation or folder to which you want to add a 'Viewer.'
  2. Navigate to the 'Add Collaborators' section.
  3. Enter the email or select a team member to assign as a 'Viewer.'

How does Viewer Role work?

Once a collaborator is assigned the "Viewer" role, they gain the following permissions:
  1. View the presentation
  2. Present the presentation
  3. View and export the Results Report
However, as a "Viewer," they are restricted from the following actions:
  1. Edit the presentation
  2. Add or remove other collaborators
  3. Reset results
  4. Move the presentation to different folders (if applicable)
  5. Delete the presentation
As the presentation owner, you can invite an unlimited number of collaborators as Viewers. However, only one Viewer can actively present the content at any given time.

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