Publishing a Presentation to the Template Library

Publishing a Presentation to the Template Library

You can publish your own presentations for public use in the Template Library. You can also browse the Template Library to download others' published presentations.

Publishing a Presentation to the Template Library

By publishing your presentation to the Template Library:
  1. Any user can get a copy of this presentation, along with your notes. Your notes could be a helpful guide for others on how to use the slides.
  2. Your name will appear as the creditor of the published presentation in the Template Library.
  3. Any response data in your published presentation will be shown in the Template Library. However, when someone downloads the presentation as a template, the audience response data will not copy across.

Option #1: On the Editor

  1. While editing your presentation, go to the 'Share' menu.
  2. Under 'Publish to Template Library', press the 'Publish' button.

Option #2 - In the Templates Tab

  1. Click on the 'Templates' tab in the left sidebar and press the button labelled 'Publish your own'.
  2. Choose the presentation(s) that you want to publish and press 'Publish'.

Unpublishing a Presentation from the Template Library

If you would like to remove your published presentation from the Template Library, head to the editor of that presentation, click 'Share', open the 'Publish to Template Library' section and click 'Unpublish'.
Unpublishing your presentation from the Template Library will not affect any of the templates of your presentation that other users downloaded from the Template Library.

Downloading Other Users' Presentations from the Template Library

  1. At the top of the AhaSlides dashboard, use the search bar to search for a template.
  2. Browse the templates and press the 'Get Template' button.
  3. The presentation will be copied to your account with the presenter notes but without the audience response data.

With all your contributions, the Template Library will be growing all the time. Remember to check back regularly for new presentations published by fellow users.

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