Setting up a Self-Paced Quiz on AhaSlides

Setting up a Self-Paced Quiz on AhaSlides

Find out how your audience can play an offline quiz in their own time.

Choosing the self-paced setting lets your audience proceed through a quiz (as well as any other slides in your presentation) without a host.
This is great for teachers who want to assign a quiz as homework, and for quiz masters who want to give their players freedom to complete a quiz at a time that suits them.

How to turn on Self-paced mode

  1. On the presentation editor, head to the Settings menu
  2. Click on Who takes the lead
  3. Choose Audience (self-paced)

Protip 💡 Remember to set your presentation to public mode first before sending your quiz out to participants. You can always set it back to private mode whenever you want by pressing the eye icon beside your presentation title.

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