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Sharing a Presentation to your Participants

In order to get your participants to start submitting responses to your slides, you need to share the presentation with them. There are two ways to do that...

  1. A unique URL (AKA 'access link' or 'access code') that participants type into their phones.
  2. A unique QR code that participants can scan with their phone cameras.

Sharing the URL Code

This code can be found at the top of every slide in your presentation. You can see it on the slide canvas in the presentation editor and you can see it while presenting...

If you click anywhere on the top bar, a separate column containing your URL code will appear to the left of your presentation. This column will stay here while you present your slides until you manually close it...

Your participants simply type that URL into their phone's browser. Once the page has loaded on their phone, they will have joined your presentation.

When presenting, you can click the URL access link to copy it to your clipboard. From here you can paste it somewhere for your participants.

You can also find your URL access code by clicking on 'Share' in the top-right of the editor. You can click the 'copy' button here to copy the code to your clipboard...

Changing your URL Access Code

In the 'Share' tab of the presentation editor, you can also customise your URL code. Simply click the code within the box to change it.

A customised access code must...
  1. Be unique (it must not be the same as any other AhaSlides presentation's code)
  2. Be under 10 characters
  3. Contain only letters and numbers
Once you've changed your code and it has been accepted, click the 'Save' button.

Your Permanent Access Code

In the 'Share' tab of the presentation editor, you can also copy your permanent access code. This long URL code will also provide your participants access to your presentation, but this link cannot be changed. No matter how many times you change your short access code, your long URL code will remain the same.

Sharing the QR Code

There are two ways to share the unique QR code of your presentation with your participants...

#1 - Presentation Side Column

When presenting, click anywhere in the top bar to reveal a separate column on the left containing your QR code. This column will stay here while you present your slides until you manually close it, so participants will be able to scan the code with their phone cameras at any time in your presentation.

#2 - QR Code Slide

You can create a slide in your presentation that reveals the QR code to your audience when you arrive at that slide.

Click 'New Slide', then select 'QR Code'. You can drag this slide to the start or near the start of your presentation so that your participants can join it immediately.


In the 'Share' tab of the presentation editor, you can see the option to 'Download QR code'. Clicking this will download a PNG image file of your QR code, so that you can share it another way, such as printing it out or emailing it.  

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