Using AhaSlides with Microsoft Teams

Using AhaSlides with Microsoft Teams

Learn how to screen sharing AhaSlides to everyone else in the video conference through Microsoft Teams

How to share your AhaSlides screen on Microsoft Teams:

1. Open the Microsoft Teams app, sign in if prompted, and join a meeting.

2. Click on the "Share content" button, located next to the red "Leave" button. 

3. A menu will appear in the lower portion of your screen. In the menu, there are several buttons. 

"Screen" will show your computer's screen, "Window" will show a specific window that you currently have open on your desktop. You can choose either ''Screen'' or ''Window'' to share your AhaSlides screen.

4. Your screen will begin sharing the media you selected. On most devices, you will see a red border around the media being shared. At the top of your screen, there will be a ribbon showcasing a few different options. If you want to allow another member of the meeting to take control of your screen, click "Give control." To hide your screen, click on the button directly to the right of "Give control." To stop sharing your screen, click "Stop Presenting."

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