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Using the Content Slide

The content slide lets you create and customise text and images. This slide type lets you edit directly on the canvas, so you have full control over the layout.

How does the Content Slide work?

The content slide is a non-interactive slide, meaning that your participants will see the slide on their phones, but cannot interact with it (besides sending reactions).

This slide works in blocks, just like a normal PowerPoint slide. You can add content within the blocks and move those blocks around freely to lay out the slide exactly how you want.

Content Slide on smaller screens:

Please note that the content slide only works on laptops and PCs with a minimum screen width of 1180 px.
If you are using a laptop or PC but still see this message 👇 it is because your screen width is below 1180 px.

You can zoom out on your browser to edit the slide.

Editing the Content Slide

The content slide comes with two blocks as default. To edit...
  1. a block, simply click the block once. This will allow you to move and rotate the block, as well as give you the options to duplicate the block and delete it.
  2. the content within a block, click the block twice. This will allow you to alter the text, formatting, colour, alignment, add images and more.

Adding New Blocks

To add a new block to your content slide, you can use any of the 5 icons at the top of the slide.

  1. Clicking the text icon will create another text block.
  2. Clicking the image icon will open the uploading screen. From here you can upload an image from your computer or clipboard, or find one in the inbuilt library.
  3. Clicking the GIF icon will open the uploading screen. From here you can upload a GIF from your computer or clipboard, or find one in the inbuilt library.
  4. Clicking the emoji icon will open the emoji list. From here you can pick an emoji and it will appear on the slide.
  5. Clicking the shape icon will open the shape list. From here you can pick a shape and it will appear on the slide. You can change the dimensions of the shape by selecting it and dragging its sides. You can hold Shift to keep the proportions the same while dragging.

You can also create a new block by simply duplicating an existing block and changing the content to your liking.

Positioning Blocks

Blocks on the content slide have a layered structure. This means that a block 'on top' of another block will obscure it. You can change the layered structure of each block by bringing it 'forward' or sending it 'backward'.

You can also use the alignment guides to perfectly align your blocks along the vertical or horizontal centre. Simply drag your block into the middle of the canvas and it will snap into position along either the vertical line, the horizontal line, or both (if directly in the centre).

Adding Animation to Blocks

Enhance the dynamism of your slides by incorporating animations into objects within the Content slides.

Follow these steps to add animation to any block on the Content slide:
  1. Select the desired block you wish to animate.
  2. Locate and click on the 'Animation' icon.
  3. Choose the preferred animation effect for your block.

To remove any animation, simply select 'No animation.'

The Content Slide Preview

The content slide is the only slide type that, in the left column on the editor, shows a full preview of the content within it. This is to help navigation of presentations with multiple content slides.

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