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Sharing your Presentation to your Participants

There are 2 main ways to share your presentation with your audience.

1. The first way is through the unique access link (or 'access code') that each presentation has.


In order to find it and share it...

  • Head to the Share tab in the top bar of the editor. Under the Share to participants heading, you will find your access link.
  • Press the copy button to copy the access link to your clipboard.
  • Paste this link to your participants.
  • Your audience copies and pastes the link into their own address bars to join your presentation as participants.


2. The second way is via a unique QR code that your audience can scan with their smartphones.

In order to find it and share it...

  • Click on the header bar of your presentation.
  • Click on the Present button in the top-right corner to make your QR code full-screen.
  • Participants scan the QR code with their smartphones to join your presentation.


Note: There are 2 other ways to share your QR code:

  1. Use a QR code slide to show your QR code and encourage participants to scan it.

    recording (33)
  2. Head to the Share tab and click the Download QR code button. This is a great option if you want to share your QR code in an offline setting, such as on an event ticket.