Adding and Deleting a Leaderboard on your Quiz

Adding and Deleting a Leaderboard on your Quiz

After each quiz question, a leaderboard is shown. After the final question, the leaderboard will display the winner.

When you add any 'quiz game' slide, a leaderboard slide will automatically be created and placed after the quiz game slide.

In case you don't see the leaderboard, you may have accidentally chosen a 'multiple choice' or 'image choice' slide type instead of a 'pick answer' or 'pick image' type.

You can delete any leaderboard slide without affecting the quiz slide that generated it. If you would like to show the leaderboard after each quiz round, rather than each question, then you just have to delete all leaderboard slides except the last one in the round.

On the flip side, if you have deleted a leaderboard slide and want to add it back, then head to the 'Content' tab of your quiz slide and click the 'Add leaderboard' button.

The final leaderboard slide of your presentation will display the final scores and announce the winner of your quiz.

⭐ On the audience’s screen ⭐ 

The leaderboard is now viewable on the audience's mobile devices. Every quiz player can see their own position in the table and can scroll up and down to reveal...

  • The top 30 positions on the leaderboard.
  • 20 places above the player.
  • 20 places below the player.

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