Adding notes to your presentation

Adding notes to your presentation

You can write your own notes for each slide. During your presentation, these notes will be visible on your monitor through Backstage; your audience won't be able to see them.

Adding notes to your presentation

On the editor, you will find a space for notes below each slide preview. You can type as much as you want into this box.

Presenting with your notes

To be able to see your notes while presenting, you will need to present in Backstage.

Backstage is a mode in which you can control your presentation from another window. This is so you can project the window containing your presentation to your audience, which you can control through the window containing Backstage.

To see your notes in your presentation, click Present with Backstage.

Backstage will open and you will be able to see the notes you made for your slides underneath each slide as you present it.

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