Using Backstage while presenting on AhaSlides

Using Backstage while presenting on AhaSlides

Backstage mode allows you to control your presentation from a window your audience can't see. As the presenter, you can see upcoming slides and your slide notes separate from your audience.

Presenting with Backstage

To start presenting with Backstage, you'll need to select it as a presentation option. There are two methods for that...

Method #1: On the editor

On the editor screen, navigate to the Present button in the top-right corner, press the down arrow and choose Present with Backstage.

Method #2: During your presentation

While presenting your presentation...
  1. Open the Menu in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click on Show Backstage.

After you have completed either method above, a separate browser window containing Backstage will open on your computer. You will need to ensure that you're sharing or casting the right screen so that the audience can't see your Backstage.

If you're presenting on video conference software, or are casting your computer screen to a TV or other monitor, make sure you only screen share the browser window containing your presentationnot the entire screen, as this will show your Backstage.

Using the controls in Backstage:

When the window containing your Backstage opens, you'll see something that looks like a stripped-back version of the editor.

In the centre you can see the slide that you are currently presenting and underneath you can see any slide notes that you've made for that slide.

To the left you can see the thumbnails of all the slides in your presentation. Click on any thumbnail here to jump to that slide.

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