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Creating and Importing Quiz Questions on a Spreadsheet

To save time when making a quiz, you can download the AhaSlides template spreadsheet and import quiz questions and their settings directly to AhaSlides.

How does it Work?

The 'import spreadsheet' feature lets you import a list of quiz questions into AhaSlides. You can create the question list directly within Excel or Google Sheets then import that list as a series of Pick Answer slides into your AhaSlides presentation.

How to Create and Import a Spreadsheet for a Quiz

Step 1: Click 'import spreadsheet'

Click the 'New Slide' button and then 'Import spreadsheet' in the bottom right corner of the pop-up.

Step 2: Download the AhaSlides template

In the new pop-up, click on 'Download our template'.

This will download an .xlsx file that you can open for editing in Excel, Google Sheets, Libre Office or Numbers.

Step 3: Enter your questions and their settings

In the template spreadsheet you can create your questions and their answer options, either by typing manually or pasting from elsewhere. You can also set the basic settings of each question on the right side of the spreadsheet.

Please note that the first question in this template is an example. Make sure to overwrite this with your own first question!

For a quiz question to successfully import without requiring further editing on AhaSlides, it must contain...
  1. A question (maximum 300 characters)
  2. At least 2 answer options (maximum of 8)
  3. A time limit (chosen from a list)
  4. One or more answers marked as correct.
  5. Either 'yes' or 'no' selected from the column labelled 'faster answers get more points'.
You can get more info on all these settings in our guide on how to make a quiz.

If any part of a question is not filled in, it will still import to AhaSlides, but you will be required to manually fill in the missing parts on the AhaSlides editor.

Step 4: Save and import

Once you are finished, save or download the file as a Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx). After this, you can import the spreadsheet into the 'import spreadsheet' pop-up on AhaSlides.

When you import, a leaderboard slide will be automatically generated after the final quiz question. You can add more leaderboard slides by navigating to the settings of any of your other quiz question slides and toggling on the leaderboard.

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