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Using the Brainstorm Slide

A brainstorm slide lets your participants put forward ideas and then vote for their favourites.

Setting up your Brainstorm Slide

Check out this video for a 1-minute explainer on how to make a brainstorm slide 👇

On the AhaSlides editor, click 'new slide' choose the brainstorm slide and do the following...
  1. Write your question.
  2. Add any additional fields for your participants to fill out, such as 'name', 'email' etc.
  3. Specify how many votes each participant will get to vote on others' ideas.
  4. Choose whether or not to allow participants to put forward one or multiple ideas.


When you present your Brainstorm slide, you'll take your audience through 3 different stages:

Stage 1: Submitting Ideas

Your participants write their ideas and also offer up any other information you requested in the 'additional fields'. The ideas will be shown in the order they are submitted on the presenter's screen.

 Note: You can choose to show or hide submissions on the screen by clicking the eye icon under 'submission'.

Stage 2: Voting

When your participants have submitted their ideas, click the button labelled 'Next: Voting' to move onto stage 2. In this stage, participants will be presented with all of the idea submissions and will be able to vote for their favourites.

You can change how many votes each participant gets in the settings of your brainstorm slide.

Note: You can choose to show or hide the vote count on the screen by clicking the eye icon under 'Voting'. This makes for a more dramatic reveal in the next stage!

Stage 3: Result

With all the votes in, you can click the button labelled 'Next: Result' to order the submissions by the number of votes they received.



You can click on any of the ideas to enlarge it on the screen.

Note: Brainstorm slide in self-paced mode

If your participants are accessing this slide in self-paced mode, they will proceed through each of the 3 stages on their own.

Because of this, there is an unavoidable disadvantage for participants who submit their ideas later, as participants who go through the slide earlier will not be able to see the later idea submissions, and therefore cannot vote for them

You can avoid this by telling your participants to submit their own ideas, then come back to the presentation at a later date when all of the ideas have been submitted.

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