Using the Correct Order Slide

Using the Correct Order Slide

The Correct Order quiz slide asks participants to place randomised statements in the correct order.

How does a Correct Order Slide work?

A Correct Order slide is a quiz slide type and forms part of a quiz.

On a Correct Order slide, players are presented with a question, as well as a column of statements. Players have the time limit you give them in order to arrange all statements in the correct order.

On the player's screen, they can drag and drop each statement into the correct order and press the submit button when finished.

💡 Remember to 'submit'

If a player doesn't press the submit button before the time is up, even if all statements are in the correct order, they will receive 0 points.


Setting up your Correct Order Slide:

On the AhaSlides editor, choose the Correct Order slide from the 'Quiz and games' section and do the following...

  1. Write your question (or the instructions for your players)
  2. Enter your statements. Once written, they will be placed in random order on the slide.
    • You can add up to 7 statements per slide. Note that your participants will have to arrange all answers in the correct order to receive points.

  3. Change the settings:
    • Time to answer: The time limit for that question in seconds. The time limit for the Correct Order slide will auto set for 45 seconds, but you can change it to fit your questions.
    • Reward points: The maximum and the minimum number of points it is possible to get on that question. If the 'Faster answers get more points' box is unchecked, then any correct answer will receive the maximum number of points.
    • Faster answers get more points: Check this box to encourage players to answer quicker. For example, if the 'time to answer' is 100 seconds and the 'reward points' is set to 100 maximum and 0 minimum, then a player submitting their answer with 80 seconds left will receive 80 points.
    • Profanity filter: Check this box to block English language swear words from being submitted by players.


💡 For more help on quizzes, learn how to make and run a quiz.

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