Using the Match Pairs Slide

Using the Match Pairs Slide

The Match Pairs slide is a quiz slide type where players must match a set of prompts with a set of answers.


How does a Match Pairs Slide Work?

In a Match Pairs slide, players are presented with a question, as well as two columns of words. In the left-side column are prompts, marked by numbers (1, 2, 3, 4) and in the right-side column are answers, marked by letters (A, B, C, D).

Players have the time limit you give them in order to match each prompt with the answer that it goes with. Players have to match ALL the prompts and answers correctly to get the points.

Setting up your Match Pairs slide:

On the AhaSlides editor, choose the Match Pairs slide and do the following...

  1. Write your question.

  2. Set up the prompts and the answers they match with. Once written, the answer column will automatically shuffle itself.

    • You can create up to 4 pairs of prompts and answers per slide. Note that your participants will have to match all the pairs correctly to receive points. 

3.  Change Time to answer and Reward points 

    • Time to answer: The time limit for that question in seconds.
    • Reward points: The maximum and the minimum number of points it is possible to get on that question. If the 'Faster answers get more points' box is unchecked, then any correct answer will receive the maximum number of points.

  4.  Check the 'other settings' to toggle Faster answers get more points and the Profanity filter.

    • Faster answers get more points: Check this box to encourage players to answer quicker. For example, if the 'time to answer' is 100 seconds and the 'reward points' is set to 100 maximum and 0 minimum, then a player submitting their answer with 80 seconds left will receive 80 points
    • Profanity filter: Check this box to block English language swear words from being submitted by players.

💡 For more help, learn how to make and run a quiz.

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