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Using the Video Call Feature

You can video call participants who have left a response and chat with them exclusively through AhaSlides, while presenting your live conversation to the rest of your participants.
Please note that this feature is only available on Paid Annual and Monthly plans.

How does it Work?

You can chat with participants through a video call on AhaSlides. You can activate this feature by clicking the 'Call' button, which shows up after you hover over a response left on...
  1. An open-ended slide.
  2. A Q&A slide.

The participant you call will get a prompt to accept or decline the call on their phone (or other mobile device). When they click 'accept'...
  1. They will see their camera feed on their own phone screen.
  2. Their camera and audio will be broadcast to the presenter screen for all other participants to see and hear.
When called for the first time, the participant will receive a pop up asking for permission to use the camera and microphone.  This feature will not work without the participant's permission

Here's how it looks on the presenter screen (left) and the participant's phone screen (right) 👇

Either the presenter or the participant can end the call at any point by clicking the red phone icon on their screen.


When calling, the audio works one way. That means that participant's voice is picked up through the microphone on their phone and will play through the presenter's screen. However, the presenter's voice will not be picked up through their laptop and broadcast through the participant's phone; this is so the presenter can carry on talking through the method they are already using to present.


- Can I call when the participant does not have the presentation open?

No - the participant will only get an invitation to accept or decline the call while they have your presentation open on their phone. If they are on another browser tab or another app, they will not get the invittion to accept or decline the call.

This means that the video call feature does not work when the audience take the lead on your presentation.

- Will the call work if my participants are using devices other than their own phones?

Yes - as long as the device your participant is using has a camera and a microphone, they can participate in a video call.

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